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Elementary School

First Annual Elementary 'Hour of Code™'

Almost one hundred 3rd and 4th grade students participated in the “Hour of Code™” event held on December 10th. The “Hour of Code™” is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week [] and [] to introduce millions of students to computer science and computer programming. Our event was designed to celebrate the field of Computer Science by applying the computer coding skills learned in iSTEM. Students were online for an hour creating both Star Wars and Minecraft games! The elementary students were supported by members of the high school group, Westytek. Additional coding sessions are scheduled during the upcoming cycle rotation so that all 3rd and 4th grade will students have the opportunity to participate!


Community Service Trips


Singing to the Seniors

3rd grade students will perform (during the school day) for residents of the Lutheran Home on the following dates:

*October 13th- Mrs. Gross's class
*December 1st- Mrs. Kresak's class

*January 26th- Miss Obush's class
*April 21st- Mrs. Kupchella's class
*May 31st- Mrs. Shaffer's class


Reading to the Stars

*December 2nd- Mrs. Cowder's class (Rainbow Room)

*January 28th- Mrs. Buchkovich's class (Geneva House)
*March 2nd- Miss Kovach's class (St. Sophia's)
*April 21st- Mrs. Fuschino's class (Learning Lamp)
*May 31st- Miss Rutledge's class (Growing Years)


Westy Elementary Students Provide Community Service!

*3rd graders are "Singing to the Seniors" in their cycle classes. Students are practicing and then performing for residents of the Lutheran Home. Their performance includes song, dance, playing the recorder (and the kazoo!).

*4th graders are "Reading to the Stars" (our local preschool stars!). Students are practicing their oral reading skills (choose an age appropriate book, introducing the book, reading the book aloud with expression, asking before/during and after reading questions). Our 4th graders are traveling in their cycle classes to five area preschools to read to our younger children. This is also helping to improve the transition of our littlest Hilltoppers from preschool to the elementary school by introducing them to some students, the librarian, a teacher and the principal.


*We would like to thank the PTO for sponsoring the trips by providing the transportation, Mr. Miller for orchestrating the 3rd grade cycle visits and Mr. Cornell for preparing students for the 4th grade visits. Classroom teachers and Mrs. Kuzmiak have also been attending to support our students!


Westy Snack Packs!

*A special "Thank You" to our Westy Snack Pack Team (Mrs. Kiser, Mrs. Shorto, Mrs. Hobbs and Mrs. Shoff). We are currently providing snack packs to 15 students in our elementary school on Friday afternoons, thanks to your generous donations and support!


Be a WESTE Winner on the BUS!

*Congratulations to our students who have displayed good behavior on the bus! Each week, drivers let Mrs. Kuzmiak know if students had "thumbs up" behavior. Each "thumbs up" report enters all students on the bus (even the driver!) into a chance to win a Westy pencil and a coupon for a free cup of frozen yogurt from Sweet Frog!