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2015-2016 Calendar

2015-2016 Lunch Times


Message from Mrs. Kuzmiak

We received clarification from our school solicitor regarding the new clearance policy. Any parent who wishes to volunteer or come into contact with children during the school day (volunteering to help in the cafeteria, eating lunch with your own child in the cafeteria, shopping at the book fair with your own child, volunteering at the book fair, helping with classroom parties, helping with Fun Day, etc.) OR if you want to volunteer at an after-school event (selling snacks at Family Movie Night, collecting tickets at Family Bingo Night, getting dunked in the booth at the 4th grade party, etc.) you MUST have all of your clearances and they MUST be updated (if you updated during last school year, you are fine). Clearances must be updated every 5 years; we are starting our 5 year cycle now. You will need to have Act 151 (child abuse) and Act 34 (criminal history) along with a signed 6004 form. If you have lived outside of PA (for any amount of time) within the last 10 years, you must also be fingerprinted. These clearances must be obtained (or updated within the last year) prior to doing any of the above. Information regarding how to obtain or update clearances can be found on our school website.

If you want to attend an after-school event/activity with your child (Family Movie Night, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Movie, Family Bingo, etc.), you are able to do so without obtaining clearances, with the understanding that you are responsible for the child that you bring to the activity...and knowing that there may be other people attending said activity who MAY or may NOT have their clearances.

When parents send their children to school, they should do so knowing that every adult with whom their children come into contact with during the school day, HAS his/her clearances. That is something that every parent should understand and feel safe about knowing. Parents should also be assured that the after-school/evening events are being run by volunteers who also have their updated clearances; however, families should also know that the other parents or family members who may attend the event, may not have their clearances.

I hope this helps to clarify and answer any lingering questions that parents may have regarding the New Clearance Policy.


Students do not have school on Monday, September 21, 2015, as our faculty will be engaged in professional development. All previously scheduled in-services and Act 80 days that are on the district calendar will remain as "days off" for students.

The days that the ES students missed (that were not able to be counted as Act 80 days) as a result of the delay of school will be added on to the end of the school year. The last student day was originally scheduled to be on Tuesday, May 31st. The HS and MS will still end school on Tuesday, May 31st. The last student day for ES students will be on Friday, June 3rd, 2015


*Sept. 17th (Thursday) is the Gr. 1 Back to School Night (6:00-7:00pm) and the Gr. 3 Back to School Night (7:00-8:00pm). Families should report to the cafeteria to begin the evening.

**A reminder, students are not to attend the Gr. 1-4 Back to School Nights. This evening has historically been designed for parents/guardians. There are no activities planned for students and the space will be very crowded/hot with the adults who are present.

*ES Book Fair October 19-23. Students will visit with their classrooms.

*Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on November 10. Sign up with your child's teacher.


Message from the Principal

Hello Westy Friends!

Just a little note to welcome all of you to the 2015/16 school year! I am so super-excited for all of us to begin this new school year together (finally!). I hope that you had a fun and relaxing summer and that you enjoyed the time that you were able to spend with your friends and family (even that extra few days of summer that were a little unexpected). It was so quiet here at the elementary school this summer; I really missed the pitter patter of all of your little feet in the hallways. I am so happy that the start of the school year is finally here; I've been anxiously waiting for you!

We have so many new and exciting learning adventures planned for all of you. You will get the chance to meet Miss Odelia Yu, who is visiting us from China. She will be teaching you a little about her culture and her language (I can't wait to hear all of you counting and singing in Mandarin Chinese!). We also have A LOT of new books on our shelves for you to enjoy...lots and lots of new books! There are titles from every genre and I am sure that you will find books that interest you that you just can't wait to read! Whenever you read a new book, I hope that you share it with me. I'm always interested in learning about books that kids have enjoyed. Remember, I have 4 kiddos at home and when you share books that you love with me, I go home and share those same books with my family. My husband, John, and I read books to our kids each night. Well, Quinn is 9 years old, so she likes to read on her own; however, our boys are always excited about picking out a story to read before bedtime. Our son, Kash, is 5 years old and is going to kindergarten this year. Hopefully, he will learn to read soon so that he can start reading to his little brothers (Kobin is 4 years old and Carter is 2 years old). Right now, the boys' favorite books are non-fiction books about Narwhals, Tarsiers and Sea Pigs! If you have never heard of those crazy creatures before, you should ask your teacher or our librarian to help you to find some books about those crazy creatures so that you can learn!

I hope that each and every one of you are also super-excited to start the school year. I look forward to watching you learn and grow this school year. It's going to be a great one, I promise!

Can't wait to see you on the first day of school; I really missed all of you!

Your Principal,

Mrs. Kuzmiak

Westmont Hilltop School District    827 Diamond Boulevard     Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905    Phone 814.255.6751

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