Letter to Students and Parents

Hello Students and Parents,
I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and well.  As we move forward during these uncertain times I want to reach out and keep you updated on what I am doing for Emotional Support. First, I am still available to parents and students Monday through Friday, from 8-3.  You may call me, 255-8795 and leave a message or email me. This phone number goes directly to my desk. Please leave a message! I will not know you are trying to reach me If you do not leave a message. I will be reaching out weekly to check in with students. If you have not heard from me, I do not have a good number to reach you, so PLEASE contact me and let me know a good time and phone number to reach you. It is your choice, I am able to meet with you via Zoom meetings or I can call, whichever you prefer. Please email and/or call me with updates and let me know how you are doing.  Of course, contact me should you have ANY questions or concerns.  You can also check out my web page, go to whsd.org, click on staff directory, and click on Janelle Mowery.
Stay Healthy and Well,
Mrs. Mowery