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Joshua Brumbaugh » Final Week Activity Options

Final Week Activity Options

For a final activity in Mr. Brumbaugh's class you may do one of the following activities as your final completion grade.  I hope everyone has a safe and healthy summer! 
OPTIONS:  (Remember, you only need to pick one as your final assignment). 
Activity Option #1 - Download the following "Fun Final" below and complete it.  It will be graded for completion and not accuracy but try your best.  You may email it back to or put it in this google drive folder:
Activity Option #2 - Create a new piece of music in Garage Band or any music software you have you on your computer/device.  Make it at least 8 measures long and with at least 3 instruments.  You may email it to or add it to the google folder listed in Activity 1.  
Activity Option #3 - Write a short paragraph (minimum 4 sentences) about the following:  "Where do you feel that you get your personal tastes in music?  Do the influences come from your family?  Your friends?  Your personal interests?  A combination of all of it?  Why do you think you like the music you like?  Answer the following question in this google form -