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Westmont Hilltop School District

About Me

Welcome to my website for my classes.  I have been teaching at Westmont Hilltop High School for 26 years. To get to the web page for your class, click the appropriate link on the right.
Mr. Wechtenhiser's WELCOME video for 2020-2021 students!
HOMEROOM:  gjikd63
PERIOD 1:  Algebra 2 :  ytj7waw
PERIOD 2:  Geometry:  qs4pdxd
PERIOD 3:  Algebra 2 Honors: jlk4o6e
PERIOD 4:  Algebra 2:  cqgpfhh
PERIOD 5:  Algebra 2: lufye2g
PERIOD 6:  Geometry : trimmyq
PERIOD 8:  Geometry : adek36k

NEW !!  Starting Aug. 28, 2020...Please submit your attendance during EVERY Period of my classes EVERY DAY!  The form will be found in each of my Google Classrooms.  Whether you are in school or at home, fill out the attendance form for your class period.


UPDATE ( SEPT. 9, 2020):


Students must use ClassLink to access ZOOM sessions.   Here is the info to gain live access to your class from home (you have the choice of showing your video camera from home or leaving it off):


Meeting ID: 960 828 8005
Password: 644177