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Westmont Hilltop School District


COVID-19 Update
All material will be provided through Google classroom.  If you are having any difficulty accessing Google classroom, please email me at 
Google Classroom codes for students
Homeroom  6p47lst
Period 1: Sociology  hzxcfq4
Period 3: American Government  vd2wctk
Period 4: American Government  epyd3ft
Period 5: American Government  hrnn6oj
Period 6: Sociology  m4dfpfa
Period 7: Sociology  3dpu2fz
Period 8: American Government  mdsazrh
All zoom meeting and class information can be found in Google Classroom and the "Upcoming week in ____" emails and other email updates, unless otherwise noted.  If a student needs the invite, please email me at  If a parent/guardian would like to meet with me, please get the code from your child.
Subjects taught:
American Government (Semester 1)
Economics (Semester 2)
Sociology (Full year)
If you want information regarding the American Government, Economics, and Sociology, please use Google classroom for any class materials, calendar information, and assignments.  If you are a parent, you can contact me at to request to be added to your child's account on Google Classroom.  Calendars for each class period are listed below.
Masters in Public Policy, University of Pittsburgh, 2001
Masters of Arts in Teaching, University of Pittsburgh, 1992
Bachelors of Arts in Government, Colby College, 1989
Social Studies Teacher, Westmont Hilltop High School, 1992-present
Social Studies Intern,  Bethel Park High School, 1991-1992
Staff Assistant, Senator Harris Wofford, 1991
Staff Assistant, Congressman Doug Walgren, 1989-1990
Calendars for classes.
Since all students have been enrolled in Google classroom and to maintain security/privacy in Google classroom:
• If you are a parent and you want to me to invite you as a guardian, please email with your preferred email address and name of your child and I will send you the invite following confirmation.
• If you are a support teacher or administrator, please contact me about which class or student you wish to follow, and I will add you on as a teacher.