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Westmont Hilltop School District

Melissa Rzasa » Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Codes

Virtual Learning Days
Math 6th Grade Mr. Parrish's Homeroom
Monday-Thursday 1:00-1:45 and Friday 10:50-11:20
Meeting ID: 517 394 3493
Passcode: 5786
Math 6th Grade Mr. Lohr's Homeroom
Monday-Thursday 2:00-2:45 and Friday 11:40-12:20
Meeting ID: 517 394 3493
Passcode: 5786

Use the correct codes for your homeroom to join Google Classroom so that you can see daily lessons, instructions and assignments.


6th Grade Math (Mr. Parrish's Homeroom):

Class Code: yztsyp



6th Grade Math (Mr. Lohr's Homeroom):

Class Code: jdl5q7g





Directions for Accessing Google Classroom:

  • ParentTutorial
    Need help with Google Classroom? View this tutorial for more information from a student's side.
  • To access our Google Classroom, go to
    • Enter your WHSD email and password (full email
    • You will have to enter your email and password twice (but only for the first time)
    • Once on your Google homepage, click the app icon in the top right corner (square with nine dots) and choose Classroom. 
    • Your Google Classroom Dashboard will appear
    • Find Your teacher’s Classroom and click "join" (enter classroom code)
    • You are now entered into our classroom!
    • To locate your assignments, click the “Classwork” tab at the top of the page (in the middle)
    • If when logging onto it, you are asked for a class code, please email or message your teacher for help.
Classroom helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication.


Directions for accessing Class Link:

  • Go to
  • Then select students
  • Under students, select Class Link
  • A screen will pop up and prompt you to log in. You can enter your child’s log in information (school email and password).
  • If you do not have or misplaced your child’s log in information, please email classroom teachers.
  • Once you are in class link, students can access any of the icons to complete work. The ones commonly used are Education Galaxy, Prodigy, and Pearson Easy Bridge.
  • On Pearson Easy Bridge, once you select it, an additional screen will come up. From there select the “Pearson Realize” button under learning systems clear over to the right. From there students should be sent into their assignments to begin. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Math 4th njdztiy
Math 5th 6mvlkmo
Math 6th rdtx7tu