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Westmont Hilltop School District

WHSD Phased Reopening Plan Information

Last Updated: August 7, 2020 


Disclaimer: The information below is subject to change based upon guidance from local and state agencies.   


Informational Video:


Parent Survey: (Please complete by Tuesday, August 11 at 8:00 am)



Governor Wolf:

PA Department of Health (DOH):

Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE):

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Screening K-12 Students for Symptoms of COVID-19: Limitations and Considerations

Determining Instructional Model During COVID-19 Pandemic:


Are previous frequently asked questions and answers available?

Yes.  Refer to the attachments at the bottom of the page.


Are students permitted to move between the three learning options?  Is there a required amount of time students should remain in a learning environment? 

Students are permitted to move between the learning environments.  There are no time commitments for any of the options.  The student learning options are flexible and can be changed with little notice.  Parents should discuss the learning options with their students and make the decision that best fits their child.  Obviously, multiple changes to a student’s learning environment will have a negative impact on their educational experience and progress. 


If a family has multiple children in the district, can they choose different learning options for each child? 

Yes.  Every child is different and has different educational needs.  Parents should choose the best option for each child. 


How many days a week can a student work remotely within the Blended option?

Students are permitted to work entirely in the Blended option.  Students who opt into the Blended option on a full-time basis will need to work closely with teachers to make sure all assignments and assessments are complete.   


In the Blended option, should students attend school on the same days each week?

In the Yellow Phase, students will be required to follow the school district’s defined schedule.  However, in the Green Phase, we will begin by offering parents and students the flexibility of attending classes on their schedule.  If the logistics become too overwhelming or the safety of the students become compromised, we will require parents and students to follow the Yellow Phase schedule if they chose the Blended option. 


Can students begin the school year in the Blended option and transition to face-to-face instruction in the future?



Is asynchronous blended an option? 

Teachers will provide live, synchronous instruction during the school day.  Teachers will record and post direct instruction on the Google Classroom.  Lessons will be available for seven (7) days for student reference.  Each student is responsible to log daily attendance once through their homeroom teacher’s Google Classroom.  Students should participate asynchronously if they are unable to participate in the live learning sessions.    


Will teachers encourage digital resources to be used in the classroom? 

Yes.  Teachers will be required to integrate the Google Classroom into their classroom instruction.  Every student in Kindergarten through Grade 2 will have an iPad available to use each day.  Every student in Grade 3 through Grade 12 will have a Chromebook available to use each day.  Although paper documents are not prohibited, teachers are encouraged to use more online resources. 


How will students be assessed if they choose the Blended learning environment? 

The assessment content will be the same, however, the format of assessments may differ depending on the learning goal.  Teachers will work to align the content and rigor of assessments for in-person, blended, and distance learning students.


Are the teachers prepared to provide blended and distance learning? 

In the spring of 2020, all teachers completed the Google Educator training that included training with Google Classroom and G Suite tools.  Teachers have voluntarily attended summer training provided by other teachers to help prepare for the potential of remote teaching.  Additionally, the school district upgraded the Zoom subscription.  The upgraded product will provide teachers and students with increased functionality.


How will remote instruction differ from what was done at the end of the last school year?

If the school district is forced to implement the Red Phase, students will be encouraged to participate in synchronous lessons led by their teachers.  The school district will require students to attend daily and actively participate in educational activities.  It is important to note that the spring of 2020 was not distance education, it was crisis education.  The school district is much better prepared to meet the educational needs of students depending on the environment.  The details of all three phases are available in the Continuity of Education plan on the school district’s website.


How will students transition between learning options? 

All students will follow their academic schedule in PowerSchool as a guide for all learning environments.  Students that transition between learning options will maintain their placement in the regular classroom with original teachers.  Exceptions to this practice may occur; however, this is the established protocol. 


Will cyber school students have access to their teachers?

Students will have assigned times to meet via Zoom with teachers throughout the school day and evening.  One teacher will be available every evening to help.  Additionally, students in grades K – 2 will participate in social learning activities to maintain social connections with their peers.  Also, teachers are available via email.


Will families receive a paper copy of their child’s final report card for the 19-20 school year?   

Parents may request a paper copy from the main office.


What day of the week will the early dismissal occur?  Traditionally, on Friday.  

  •     Green Phase – Short day will be on Friday
  •     Yellow Phase – Short day will be on Wednesday
  •     Red Phase – Short day will be on Friday


If a family selects to drive to school, will they be able to ride the bus when needed?

Yes.  The bus stop schedule is available on the school district website. 


Will the pickup and drop off times be increased to accommodate more families?



To accommodate additional cars in the lot for AM Kiss and Drop, families with the last names A-L should drop students off between 8:10-8:30am. Families with the last names M-Z should drop students off between 8:25-8:45am. 8:45am remains the tardy time.


The secondary school will permit students in the school building beginning at 7:40.  


The elementary school will stagger dismissal times to help traffic. To help with traffic, PM Parent Pick Up will be staggered at the elementary school. Families with the last names A-L should plan to pick students up beginning at 3:20pm. Families with the last names M-Z, should plan to pick students up beginning at 3:40pm. Please do NOT arrive early, as students will only be called to the pick-up area in accordance with their assigned times. 


The secondary school will dismiss as usual.


This is a temporary accommodation for the 2020-21 school year.  


What safety measures are being taken on the bus?

  •         Disinfecting between each bus run
  •         Increased ventilation
  •         Family units will sit together 
  •         Students will load from the back to the front 
  •         Students are required to wear a mask 


If a parent drives their child(ren) to school, are they required to do it every day or can a student ride the school bus intermittently? 

Students may ride the school bus intermittently.  Because transportation is going to be determined on a daily basis, bus drivers need your help.  Please have your student at the bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to their assigned pick-up time.  This will help the driver identify who needs a ride on any given day.  If your child is not at the stop when the bus comes by, it is possible that the driver will not see them and miss your child. 


Can a student pack lunch one day and buy lunch on other days? 

Yes.  The process for purchasing lunch will be communicated by the building principal.  Lunch counts may be taken at the beginning of each school day to help the cafeteria personnel prepare.


Does the school district have enough technology devices for student access?

Yes.  The school district has enough devices for every student in kindergarten through grade 12.  Parents who plan to purchase a device for their child from an outside vendor should consider an iPad for students up to grade 2 and a Chromebook for students in grade 3 and higher. 


How will the mask requirements be enforced?

The Governor’s order is clear.  Students and employees must wear a mask when outside of the home.  We are working with our school solicitor to determine an appropriate response to students and employees that will not wear a mask.  The school district has several learning options for students that refuse to wear a mask.  Please call your building principal for more information about specific learning environments.   


How will parents find out about changes in phases? 

Direct communication will occur through email, text, and phone.  All updated information will be available on the district website.  If necessary, call Pam Kirby at 255-8725 to update your contact information.