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Say Something

Student, parents, and community,
We need your help to keep us all safe.  If you see something - say something.
1. Look for warning signs, signals, or threats.
2. Take it seriously and act immediately.
3. Tell a trusted adult (parent, teacher, or school official) or submit an anonymous tip to the Safe2Say Hotline - Website:
All submissions are evaluated by members of the school district's threat assessment team.
Threat Assessment Team
Administration: Mr. Aurandt,  Dr. Brown,  Dr. Cramer, Mr. Domonkos, Mrs. Kuzmiak, Mr. Mitchell, and Mr. Wilfong
Student Services: Mr. Brocious, Ms. Deist, Ms. Deyarmin, Mrs. Golias, Ms. Little, Mr. Marshall, and Mrs. McCombie
Safety and Security: Off. Jason Hunter
Community Partners: Upper Yoder P.D., West Hills P.D., Gittings Security, and Cambria County CYS
School safety is everyone's responsibility.