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Westmont Hilltop School District

Board Home

A nine-member Board of Education whose members are elected at-large by the citizens of Upper Yoder Township, as well as the boroughs of Southmont and Westmont governs the Westmont Hilltop School District. The School Board is a policy-making body whose primary function is to formulate and evaluate policies necessary for the cost-effective and efficient operations of the School District. An Administrative Leadership Team that works within the scope of the existing school board policies manages the School District. 
Student Representatives:
Susan Williams, Senior Class Representative
Maximillian Yonko, Junior Class Representative
President: Mr. Jeffrey P. Masterson
Vice President: Dr. Rebecca L. Webb
Secretary: Mrs. Lisa M. Drennen
Treasurer: Mr. Robert A. Gleason, Jr.
Acting Superintendent: Mr. Thomas Mitchell (non-voting member)
Recording Secretary: Mrs. Mary Hartnett (non-voting member)
Westmont Hilltop Board of Education Committee Appointments for 2018:
(The Board President is an ex-officio member of every committee.)
* = Committee Chairperson
Property & Finance Committee: Robert Gleason*, Kamal Gella
Legislative & Policy Committee:  Kamal Gella*, Dave Angeletti, Rebecca Webb
Student Activities:  Rebecca Webb*, Dave Angeletti, Lisa Drennen, 
Curriculum Committee: Lisa Drennen*, John Messina, Malika Karunaratne
GJCTC Representative: Lisa Drennen*, Malika Karunaratne (Back-up Representative)
Personnel Committee: John Messina*, Jeff Masterson (Only meets as necessary, not open to public)
Safe Schools Committee (Ad Hoc):  Jeff Masterson*
IU8 Representative: Malika Karunaratne*
School Safety and Security Coordinator: Don Irwin

2019 Committee & Board Meeting Schedule can be found on the District Calendar Page