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Westmont Hilltop Elementary School

Unified in a commitment to inspire and to empower resilient, lifelong learners.

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Principal’s Message


I really wanted to share the overwhelming feeling of “community” that I felt while participating in the PTO sponsored Donkey Basketball game. Of course, big events like the Donkey Basketball game bring our families in for a fun evening…but this event was different.  At first, I couldn’t explain why it felt different (was it the live animals in the gymnasium, was it the sweaty helmets…?).  After I looked through pictures after the event, I realized why this evening was so special.  It wasn’t the donkeys…it was the fact that our entire community was represented under one roof.  It was the fact that we all played together as one big “Westmont Hilltop Team.”


Looking through the pictures, I saw our school board president, a school board member…I saw elementary school teachers, elementary school administrators, high school administrators, high school students, West Hills Police Officers, West Hills Fire Dept. members, WJAC news members….all of these people in our community literally playing on the same team!  Pulling together (pulling donkeys!), cheering for each other, sharing helmets, sharing donkeys, supporting each other, helping each other up after a fall, encouraging each other, laughing….when we say that we are “on the same team” we usually mean that figuratively.  This evening, it was literal.  This evening, it was amazing!


Our firefighters, police officers and HS students were leading our elementary students around the gymnasium on donkey rides.  They were smiling with our children as parents took pictures, they were comforting children who were scared, they were offering support to help children to get on and off of the donkeys.  They were functioning in the role that they play in our community…protectors, supporters, friends.  Our children were able to interact with and count on the older students, on their neighborhood firefighters and on their neighborhood police officers.  What an amazing way to build trust and to build connections!


What an awesome way to show that our students, parents, teachers, administrators and board members truly are “members of the same team!”  What an amazing way to show that the WH community members are a part of our team, as well.


The memories of this event have truly served as a reminder that we are all WESTY PROUD and that we are all on one big team TOGETHER!


Hello Westy Families,


STEAM Fair 2018 will take place on May 17th from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Elementary School. We are in need of some materials to make this day a success. If you are willing to donate any of these items, please send them to the office by Tuesday, May 1st. 


Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Events

  2-13 PTO Penny Wars Round 2
  10-12 PSSA Testing/ELA (Grades 3-6)
14 PTO Donkey Basketball, HS, 6 p.m.
17-18 PSSA Testing/Math (Grades 3-6)
24 PSSA Testing/Science (Grade 4)
26 Terra Nova Practice Testing (Grade 2)
27-May 4 Terra Nova Testing (Grade 2)
30-May 4 PSSA Make-Ups
  2 Spring Pictures Grades 1-6 (only students that return the photo form)
     Kindergarten Graduation Pictures
  5  PTO Spring Painting Party
  8  Field Trip: Gr. K; Valewood Farms
  9  PTO Talent Show; 6 p.m. @HS
10 Choral Concerts: Grade 3 @6 p.m.; Grade 4 @7 p.m.
15 DIAL Screening
16 Field Trip: Gr. 5; One Book, One Community
17 Field Trip: Gr. 5; Disaster's Edge
21 Field Trip: Gr. 6; Outdoor Odyssey
22 Ensemble Performances: Grades 5 & 6 @6:30 p.m.
23 DIAL Screening
     Field Trip: Gr.1; Living Treasures
24 DIAL Screening
     Choral Concerts: Grade 1 @6 p.m.; Grade 2 @7 p.m.
     Field Trip: Gr. 3; Flood Museum
28 Memorial Day: NO SCHOOL
29 Field Trip: Gr. 4; Lincoln Caverns
30 PTO Fun Day/Grades K-2, 9-11:30 a.m.
     Grade 6 Move Up Day
31 PTO Fun Day/Grades 3-6, 9-11:30 a.m.
     Field Trip: Gr. 2; Old Bedford Village
     Gr. 6; PTO Assembly, afternoon
6  Kindergarten End-of-Year Program
8 Last Day of School