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In accordance with Pennsylvania House Bill 435, which has now been signed into law by the Governor (Act 153) and pursuant to Section 6344.4 (relating to Certification Compliance), the District's policy on clearances has been updated as follows:


Effective immediately: All school employees must obtain new clearances by December 31, 2015 that will be kept on file with the Superintendent's office; and will be required to obtain updated clearances every thirty-six (36) months.

See our website for links to the online applications for forms.

Act 114 Fingerprinting Application: FBI Clearance - All applicants for school district employment will also have to submit an FBI clearance. Please submit your registration ID number in order for the District to have access to on-line results. Registration and payment can be done online. The fingerprint read/submission must be done at an authorized Cogent fingerprint location.

Child Abuse Act 151 Form - Check the "School Employment" block, sign the form, and enclose a $10 money order payable to the Department of Human Services – formerly called Dept. of Public Welfare - ( The processed clearance will be returned to your current address and you must forward a copy to the Superintendent's office.

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