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Westmont Hilltop School District

Westmont Hilltop Elementary School Welcomes Community Pre-K Students

Westmont Hilltop, PA; March 28, 2022 - The Westmont Hilltop Elementary School welcomed Pre-K students from several early learning centers: Learning Lamp, Growing Years, Rainbow Room, Beginnings, and The Geneva Preschool.

This event was planned to help to prepare children and families for the transition from home or preschool to kindergarten.  Students were transported by school bus to the elementary school, where students visited the kindergarten classrooms and enjoyed a snack in the school cafeteria.  The kindergarten teachers read the book, The Day I Forgot To Wash My Hands!, and the students were provided with a special take-home activity, along with a copy of the book that was shared.  

In addition, the school district is planning the annual PreK Transition Evening Event to be held at the Westmont Hilltop Elementary School on Thursday, April 7 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  The purpose of this upcoming event is to help parents and students to become a part of our Hilltopper school community.  Parents will be welcomed into the cafeteria by Westmont Hilltop’s Parent Teacher Organization and provided with refreshments, while the children rotate through several fun activities.  

Building principals, teachers, the school nurse, and our learning interventionists will talk to the parents to provide more detailed information about kindergarten, including a typical schedule, curriculum, and support programs available for their children.  The evening concludes with the kindergarten teachers sharing a little about themselves and subsequently giving the parents a tour of the elementary school.  It's always helpful for students and parents to meet the kindergarten teachers before the first day of school.  Children like to be able to recognize the friendly face that will greet them as they enter their classroom, and parents will be able to become acquainted with their child’s first Westmont Hilltop teacher. 

We hope that by welcoming the students and parents into our elementary school prior to their first day of kindergarten, we can ease everyone’s anxiety and reduce any potential "first day of school fears" through a fun and exciting program.

New families considering Westmont Hilltop this fall and who have not registered are encouraged to call Mrs. Jessica Bonachea at 814-255-8725 to arrange a tour of the campus and discuss the registration process.