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Westmont Hilltop School District





Hello!  The search for the next superintendent of Westmont Hilltop is off and running.  We have established this section of the website to provide the public with updates on the search.  Our consultant, Tom Templeton with TEMPLETON Advantage, is leading our efforts, and we have begun to advertise and promote the position.  We just completed a series of meetings with internal stakeholders.  The next steps will include a survey that will be posted online in the very near future, and a meeting with the community after the new year.  Please keep visiting this , just completed a day in district meeting with various stakeholders. 



SUPERINTENDENT:  Westmont Hilltop School District.  The Westmont Hilltop School District is searching for its next superintendent who will empower conscientious and skilled faculty, administrators and staff to effectively educate the district’s approximately 1,500 students.  By demonstrating a genuine commitment to the Westmont community and its stakeholders, the district is looking for a leader with the following leadership skills and strategic competencies, including but not limited to:  

 The skills to execute the mission, vision and core values of WHSD;  

  • The experience to incorporate proven educational leadership practices and trends that will continue to drive the achievement and readiness of students;  
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills that will inform and appropriately influence district stakeholders, including administrators, faculty, staff, students and the community;
  • Effective interpersonal abilities to engage administrators, faculty, staff, students and the community in the school buildings and at school/community events;   
  • A systematic approach that prioritizes a shared set of clear, strategic goals and organization-wide procedures for execution;
  • A solid understanding of, and appropriate experience in school finance, human resource management, facilities, safety and security and school law;
  • The ability to effectively implement Board-approved policies and procedures, and partner well with the entire Board as the 10th non-voting member;  
  • Experience and/or a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of a school district community and environment like Westmont Hilltop;
  • A demonstrated history of living values such as respect, accountability, trust and integrity; 
  • A situational and dynamic leadership style that emphasizes thoughtful collaboration with others.    

 Candidates who email their cover letter and resume to Mr. Templeton to start the process will receive instructions for submitting an application and other documentation.  The deadline to be assured consideration is January 31, 2018.  Contact info: (717) 636-3238, or by email at  Documents that will need to be submitted include:

  • Application
  • PA letter of eligibility /proof of qualifications to serve as superintendent
  • Act 24 clearance; current Act 34/Act 151 clearances/FBI clearance (within 1 year).
  • Sealed university transcripts. 
  • Other instructions will follow for interested candidates