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Hello students and parents! 
**11/10/2022 - Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up**
Please use this link to sign up for parent teacher conferences on 11/10. Make sure to specify if you would like to meet via ZOOM or in person.  If meeting through ZOOM, use the link below at the time scheduled.
Meeting ID: 865 8801 2374
Passcode: Scott
Assignments and communication for my classes for the first semester of 2022 - 2023 will be completed through Google Classroom and email.
If anyone has not signed into google classroom already, here is the class codes:
Period 1:  Multimedia Design:  oyjlexh
Period 2: Manufacturing I:  k7hyknm
Period 5:  Multimedia Design: 3uxcjj7
Period 7: Computer Aided Drafting:  rbglut5
Period 8: STEAM 7:  ltdbisy
Period 9: STEAM Exploration:  m32nijc
In case of a FLEX day, please use this ID for Zoom meetings during your class time:
The Zoom Meeting ID:  865 8801 2374
Please log in to Zoom at your scheduled time for each period:
Meeting ID: 865 8801 2374
Passcode: Scott
or use the link: