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Tessa Masula » English: Seventh Grade

English: Seventh Grade

Welcome to Seventh Grade! 
It's no secret that this is unlike any school year we've ever had before. You might be feeling anxious or excited, nervous or ready, sad or happy-- or you might be feeling all of that at the same time (I know I am!). I can't promise you that this year will be perfect, because it won't be and that's okay! We are all human, and all of us are going to make mistakes. What I CAN promise you is that this class -whether you are here in person or joining us online- is going to be a safe, fun, and comfortable place. We are going to get through these struggles together. We are going to pick each other up when we fall. We are going to support, encourage, and protect one another. Along the way, we are going to dive into some incredible stories, learn so much, and share so many experiences! I have all sorts of exciting things planned for you, and I'm certain that you will be bringing all sorts of excitement into my life as well! Remember; this is not going to be the year we planned on having, but it is going to be the year that we make it. Just do your best, and when you're not feeling your best, you can lean on myself and your other teachers for support!
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