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Westmont Hilltop School District



Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year! This year I will be teaching your child Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies. I am looking forward to an amazing school year! ~Ms. Henderson
Ms. Henderson
Don't forget school pictures will be taken on the FIRST day of school! You can order ahead of time at using the code EVTHX62HM
Google Classroom Codes: 
Ms. Henderson's morning (homeroom) Classroom Code for Math, Science and Social Studies :gxqkoog
Ms. Henderson's Afternoon Classroom Code for Math, Science and Social Studies:qtfb34n
Mrs. Kresak's Classroom Code for ELA: nbmlgrd 


Specials Schedule is as follows: 

Day A: Art--> Google Classroom Code: qyqdt4f

Day B: STEAM--> Google Classroom Code: bg5lais

Day C: Physical Education -> Google Classroom Code: tg2jb2v

Day D: Library--> Google Classroom Code:

Day E: Music--> Google Classroom Code: azc7cdn


Ms. Deist's Classroom Code for Guidance: nsyov5j


Google Classroom Directions


Our Daily Schedule: 


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
8:50 - Science 
9:35 - Social Studies
10:20 - Math
11:20 - Lunch
11:50- Specials
12:35- Recess
1:05 - Read aloud/reading mini lesson
2:20 - Writing/grammar
3:00 - Word Study
8:50 - Science 
9:20 - Math
10:05 - Social studies
10:35- Handwriting
10:50- Specials
11:20 - Lunch
11:50 - Read aloud/reading mini lesson
12:35 - Writing/grammar
1:10 - Word Study


Stay safe and healthy! If there is anything I can do to assist you or your family please reach out by emailing [email protected]