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Westmont Hilltop School District

We've Got This, Hilltoppers!

Hi My Westy Friends!


Most importantly...we MISS YOU!  Mr. Wilfong and I are thinking about all of you and can't hardly wait to see you again (hopefully sooner, rather than later).


I know this is a weird situation that we have found ourselves in, right?  It might seem a little scary to hear that  the Governor shut down schools, churches, activities, etc.  This has never happened in our country before, so it's ok to be a little nervous or scared.  The best thing to do when you have those feelings is to talk to a trusted adult.  A trusted adult can be a parent, sibling, relative, teacher, school counselor, school social worker, assistant principal or principal.  We are all here to help you to feel safe and less worried.


If you want to talk to Mr. Wilfong or to me, you or your parents can email us.  You can also call our offices at school (those calls are forwarded to our cell phones at home between 8am-4pm); we'll call you back as soon as we can, so make sure to leave a message, if we can't answer right away. 


Parents, Adam and I want to hear from your kids!  Please let them call us if they want to do so!


If you miss us too much, you can call or email and ask to set up a "zoom" meeting so that we can sort of "face time."  Both of us would love to zoom with you!


We'll do our best to answer all of your questions.  This situation is new for us, too, so we might not have all of the answers to your questions, but we will do our best to share with you as much as we know.


Please keep in touch with us; please know that we both really miss all of you!  I'll try to stay connected to all of you via FaceBook (I'm new to FB, so I'm not really good at it yet).


We hope you are enjoying time with your families.  We know that all of this is new and maybe scary to you; however, its also a chance for you to spend A LOT of time with your families!  Please take advantage of this time together and make some good memories. Play games, read books, tell jokes, bake cookies....just enjoy each other!


Try your best to do the school work that your teachers are sharing (check their websites for information).  If you don't have an electronic device, please let us know.  We have some to loan to families who don't have anything.  It's ok if you can't complete all of the work that your teachers post (most of it is going to be fun!).  You will not "fail" a grade level because of this situation.  You will not lose points or get a bad grade on your report card.  Parents, if the suggested work is causing anxiety, tears or fighting.  Stop.  Take a break.  Maybe try again another time.  Nothing awful is going to happen if you can't complete the virtual assignments.  Your child will be OK.  It's more important to nurture your child's emotional well-being, than to fight over a virtual activity. We know that parents are stressed now too, we know that you have a lot on your plates and that there is a lot of uncertainty (jobs, income, childcare, staying healthy, taking care of elderly parents/grandparents, etc.).  The virtual assignments should NOT cause anxiety or frustration for you OR your child.  Make an attempt, do what you can, and above all, take care of each other!


When children return to school (whenever that may be), we will figure out what each child needs to work on and where they need support.  We'll then meet students "right where they are" academically and we'll give our learners the support that they need to grow into the wonderful, kind, and amazing people that they were always meant to become!


Hope to see you all soon!




Mrs. Kuzmiak- WHES Principal

(814) 255-8728

[email protected]


If children are especially worried or you are concerned about their mental health, please reach out to our school social worker or our school counselor.  Their office lines will also connect to their cell phones between 8am-4pm.  Leave a message if your call isn't answered immediately; they will return your call as soon as possible.


School Social Worker (Monica MacIntyre) 814-255-8776 [email protected]

School Counselor (Becca Deist) 814-255-8770     [email protected]


If you need an electronic device or support accessing free WiFi, please reach out to Mr. Wilfong.  [email protected]


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A Read Aloud With Mrs. Kuzmiak and Carter...
Hi Hilltoppers!
Carter and I thought you might want to share a bedtime story with us? We hope you are all doing well; we miss all of you! Looking forward to seeing you soon (hopefully!). Take special care and know that we’re thinking of all of you!
PS- it’s our first time recording and’s not perfect...but it was made with love, for sure!
Mrs. Kuzmiak and Carter
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