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Jocelyn Moore » Mrs. Moore's Classroom

Mrs. Moore's Classroom

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year. My name is Jocelyn Moore and I will be your child's 3rd grade Science, Social Studies, and Math teacher. I cannot wait to begin this new and exciting adventure with you! 
This website will include all necessary information to assist your child through this new hybrid educational platform. Please click on any of the below links for additional information. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.
Math, Science, and Social Studies for Mrs. Moores' homeroom: jlmpt73
ELA for Mrs. Moore's homeroom: gsboeqh
Math, Science, and Social Studies for Mrs. Ohlor's homeroom: r3q43aw
ELA for Mrs. Ohler's homeroom: sabz74w
Library--> GoogleClassroom Code: txakcm6
Music--> GoogleClassroom Code: eleuhya
Art--> GoogleClassroom Code: 5dcweh4
STEAM--> GoogleClassroom Code: skrmh3t
Physical Education--> GoogleClassroom Code: ydebiyv
SEL and Career Development--> GoogleClassroom Code: nsyov5j
Please take a moment and join our Class Dojo. I will be posting weekly updates, uploading our student planner, and it is the easier communication platform if you need to reach me during the day.
Monday- Thursday
8:30 - Morning Work
8:50 - Spring Math (Moore)
9:10 - Science (Moore)
9:45-  Social studies (Moore)
10:20 - Math (Moore)
11:20 - Lunch
11:50 - Specials
12:35 - Recess
1:05- Science (Shorto)
1:40 - Social studies (Shorto)
2:15 - Math (Shorto)
3:15 - Spring Math (Shorto)

8:50 - Science (Moore)
9:20 - Social Studies (Moore)
9:50 - Math (Moore)
10:35- Handwriting (Moore)
10:50 - Specials
11:20 - Lunch
11:50- Science (Shorto)
12:20 - Social studies (Shorto)
12:50 - Math (Shorto)
Day A: Library
Day B: Music
Day C: Art
Day D: Steam
Day E: Physical Education 
Picture Code: EVTHX62HM
Wednesday, August 25