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Westmont Hilltop School District

Mr. Rutledge's Home Page & 2020-2021 Schedule

RED PHASE UPDATE (11/20/2020)
The Zoom link has been re-published on Google Classroom for all classes (it's the same link you've used for a while now, I just re-posted as a refresher).  You need to login to Zoom through classlink and then enter these codes:
Meeting ID: 978 091 0306
Passcode: Rosedale
In addition, If you have questions about material during Red Phase, my office hours are as such: Monday through Thursday from 7:15am-7:45am AND Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45pm-3:45pm. You will use the same Zoom link and codes that you use for class.

Distance Learning Requirements

Be on time for your scheduled class, according to the Red phase schedule.

Act and dress as if you are in school!

Turn your video on with an appropriate background.

Remain muted unless otherwise directed.

Keep up with your assignments in Google Classroom.

Schedule an appointment with your teacher if you need help beyond the regular class time

Hi All! 
Welcome to my home page! All information about classes and resources for classes will be posted on Google Classroom this year.  It is important that you login to my Google Classroom as soon as you can, as all assignments and news will be posted there and NOT on this web page.  This web page is simply a way to connect you to my Google Classroom and Zoom.  I will be streaming classes over Zoom for synchronous students and then recording those sessions on Loom and posting those classes to Google Classroom as well for asynchronous students. If there are major changes that I can't communicate to you all via Google Classroom, you will see those updates here on this page.  Otherwise, please expect to see all information about class and resources for class on Google Classroom.
Daily attendance is important, so if you are in my homeroom, it is important that you join that classroom as well, even though not many items will not be posted there. Please see the classroom codes below to join the correct Google Classroom that you are a part of.
All Class Resources and Information-
Google Classroom Class Codes 
Homeroom: l7of452
Period 1: AP European History- hfmepxz
Period 2: Psychology- q7o4i7z
Period 3: AP European History- sr5r2sk
Period 5: U.S. Cultures II- covgxfm
Period 6: AP European History- 7lsrno4
Period 7: Psychology- hmuzmhh
Mr. Rutledge's Zoom Meeting Room
To access my Zoom meeting room you must now go to classlink for students, click on the Zoom app, and then enter the meeting ID and Passcode below.  This is to prevent users not authorized by WHSD to access the meeting.  This means you must be using a WHSD email to login to Zoom.
**Please note as of 10/16/2020 my link has changed.  I posted the new link as a message on Google Classroom.  I had some Zoom technology issues and the original link is gone.  Also there is a new meeting ID and Passcode.  See below.
Meeting ID: 978 091 0306
Passcode: Rosedale
I know this year is going to be like one we've never had before.  I'm excited to see you all once again, whether it's in the classroom or on a screen.  I hope everyone comes to class with a positive attitude ready to learn!