Mr. Rutledge's Home Page & 2022-2023 Schedule

2022-2023 School Year Information
School Year Information
Welcome to my home page! All information about classes and resources for classes will be posted on Google Classroom this year.  It is important that you login to my Google Classroom as soon as you can, as all assignments and news will be posted there and NOT on this web page.  This web page is simply a way to connect you to my Google Classroom.  If there are major changes that I can't communicate to you all via Google Classroom, you will see those updates here on this page.  Otherwise, please expect to see all information about class and resources for class on Google Classroom.
Please see the classroom codes below to join the correct Google Classroom that you are a part of.
All Class Resources and Information-
Google Classroom Class Codes 
Period 1: AP European History- jbwgtoh
Period 2: Study Hall
Period 3: American Government & Economics- m7dlprj
Period 4: AP European History- 7iabpvv
Period 5: American Government & Economics- 3cjdkqz
Period 6: Lunch
Period 7: Preparation Period
Period 8: American Government & Economics- 4jg5bof
Period 9: American History in the Digital Age- g3fks3v
This is going to be an awesome year if you all come ready to learn!  I'm excited to see you all once again in class!  I hope everyone comes to class with a positive attitude ready to learn!