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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)


A Quick Note from the PTO Board


Thank you so much for joining the Westmont Hilltop Elementary School PTO! It is such a wonderful organization that delivers so many benefits to students, teachers and the overall school community! As a whole, we are very excited about this year - we have many great goals and fundraiser events that we need your help with! We truly appreciate your valuable time, ideas and financial contributions. We couldn’t do what we do without great people like you :)



Westmont Hilltop Elementary PTO Mission Statement


The purpose of the PTO is to bring the home and the school into closer relation so that parents, teachers and elementary school administration may cooperate intelligently in the education and development of the children. The PTO strives to promote the welfare of children in the home, school and community through social events, academic enrichment opportunities and fundraising activities.


PTO Board Members and Contact


Josh Fosbrink

Stacey Gnugnoli

Jen Hindman

Lauren Lazzari

Heather Lokesak

Kim Noll

Jessica Pearce

Nicole Zajdel


To contact PTO board members, please email [email protected]


Becoming a Member

Please complete the PTO Membership form and submit to the Elementary school! We look forward to working with you!


Monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month starting Sept. 6th.


Please check back for a full calendar of events.

December PTO meeting 12/6/22 @ 6PM in the Elementary Cafeteria
We will be using our meeting time to create wrapping paper sleeves for this year's Santa shoppe. All family members are encouraged to attend tonight! Extra points will be rewarded for December's meeting. 
WHES Santa Shoppe

Its Time for the Holiday Shoppe! It will be December 12 through the 15. Details on the link.


November 2022 Agenda

Penny Wars 

November 7-18 we will declare Penny War! Each class will be supplied with a container to collect Pennies. The classroom with the most pennies wins! There will be a whole group reward for this classroom. All proceeds of Penny Wars go to field trip expenses. Mrs. Noll will be sending out information regarding Penny Wars in backpacks by Friday. Chair: Kim Noll

5th Grade Field trip to JSO Young People’s Concert 

On November 15 from 9:30-10:45 am fifth grade students will attend this free concert at the Pasquerilla Performing Art Center. Transportation cost will be provided by the PTO and come from the 5th grade field trip budget the PTO has allotted. Unfortunately a field trip shirt is not available for purchase at this time. If your child has a westmont t-shirt, please have them wear it for the field trip. If you have any unused or outgrown Westmont t-shirts, please bring them in to donate!

School Store

School Store is back! Students will be able to use their tickets they’ve earned from teachers and staff next week at the school store. Please watch for the sign ups for this event. The schedule/sign up will be posted to both the site as well as facebook. 

November Dates:

November 16  -  Grade 3-6

November 17  -  Grade K-2

Pop up Costume Shop

The Pop-Up was very successful! Thank you to all those who donated time and costumes! We are continuing to collect costumes for next year's exchange through November 15. Please send any donations into the school with your Kiddos. 

Santa Shoppe: December 12-16

This is a great opportunity for our students to purchase items for their loved ones and friends. Each item cost $1. Volunteers are needed to create gift wrapping sleeves. Sleeves can be sent into the school closer to Santa Shoppe dates. Wrapping paper is available to create the sleeves. Volunteers are needed to help kids shop, wrap presents, collect money, restock, direct kids, etc. Please consider signing up to help! Many volunteers are needed for this event. 

During the December PTO meeting you will be able to help create sleeves for wrapping up presents and/or take wrapping paper home to contribute for the week.

We are sad to announce that this will be the last year that Josh and Christina Fosbrink will be chairing this event. They have truly made this event very special for the students and those who are receiving the gifts! They have put in many many hours preparing for this event so that the kiddos have the opportunity to provide gifts to their loved ones. We want to thank Josh and Christina for the many years they’ve dedicated to this event and to the PTO. If anyone is interested in shadowing the Fosbrink’s to learn more about Santa Shoppe and continue this tradition at Our Home on the Hill, please contact a board member for more information. 


Please feel free to suggest any new ideas or improvements we can do for students and teachers! There is a suggestion box located near the sign up sheets where you can leave your input.  All suggestions/improvements will be taken under consideration!

Pizza Party

Beginning in October, student classrooms who have the most attendance from parents and teachers at the PTO monthly meetings, will be rewarded with a pizza party. 

Here is how the attendance points will be broken down. Teachers can earn 2 points for their classrooms for each meeting they attend for grades K-2. Teachers can earn 1 point for their classrooms for each meeting they attend for grades 3-6, due to students switching classes throughout the day. Parent(s) attending earn 1 point per student. If a staff member or specials teacher attends - 3 points will be awarded to a randomly selected classroom. 

Our goal is to get as many Teachers/Staff and Parents involved in the PTO as possible !


Gilbert 3

Crow 3

Wachs 3

Ramierez 2

Wagner 2

Henderson 2

Lohr 2

Noll 2

Lohr 2

Shorto 2***

Kiser 2 ***

Dravis 1

Worst 1

HIll 1

Messina 1

Ahmad 1

Valentine 2

Oliveros 2

Thank you for attending the monthly meetings! If your classroom is not listed, 0 points have been accumulated for that group.

***Points have not yet been distributed to a randomly selected classroom or the classroom of the special’s teacher choice. 

Below is the link to PTO clothing sale.  All orders are due by Sept. 27th, orders submitted after will not be filled.

Please make sure to complete the entire form, so we know where to get your clothing when it comes in! Thank you for your support!!