Our Mission, Vision and Goals:

Unified in a commitment to inspire and to empower resilient, lifelong learners.
It is our VISION that Westmont Hilltop School District be characterized by:
STUDENTS who are accountable for their behavior and who challenge themselves to think, learn and accept responsibility
GRADUATES who are equipped with a strong academic foundation, global life skills, and a desire for life-long learning
PARENTS and GUARDIANS who take a meaningful interest in their child's education and overall school experience
FACULTY who develop and support curriculum and programs that challenge students to think critically, creatively, and communally in a mutually respectful environment
ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERS and STAFF who serve the best interests of students and parents, effectively partnering with the faculty to achieve this vision
CURRICULUM that is challenging; encourages students to think, act and learn independently; reflects a global perspective; develops productive citizens; and prepares students for careers and higher education.
Align tangible K-12 curriculum to the State's standards.
Establish a system where accurate and comprehensive student achievement data is analyzed routinely to guide instruction and to predict student performance.
Implement a collaborative and reflective culture of effective instructional practices that are student-focused.