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Billie Kisko » Welcome to Ms. Kisko's Webpage

Welcome to Ms. Kisko's Webpage

10/17---Students will have a short quiz on Act III of The Crucible.
Do Now: Look up definitions of these words on your Chromebook
  1. gait
  2. callously  –
  3. manifest  –
  4. auger
  5.  incredulously
  6. base  –
  7. slovenly
  8. unperturbed
  9. gulling  –
The Crucible---text online ---start at quote 
"Proctor: 'Do that which is good, and no harm shall come to thee'" (Miller 95).
Study guide questions---you may work together on these. They are on the class pages
APELC and Eng 10
APELC ONLY---- Article to read and respond to.


10/4----ENG 10 and APELC---Greek and Latin Homework for week #9 is due on Monday 10/7.
10/4---ENG 10----Quiz on Act II of The Crucible on Monday 10/7----Quiz will be multiple choice in format.
10/4---APELC-----Quiz on Act II of The Crucible on Monday 10/7---Quiz will be short answer and multiple choice.
9/26/19---APELC and ENG 10---- Song project is due on Monday 9/30 and quiz on Act 1 of The Crucible.
9/24/2019----APELC---Students will write an in class essay. Compare and contrast the two short stories: "The Devil and Daniel Webster " versus "The Devil and Tom Walker." Students should focus on how each story is unique and the commonalities between the two. Students should provide evidence from the stories and explain the significance of the evidence presented.

9/24/19-----English 10---Students will work on their Venn diagrams that compare and contrast  "The Devil and Daniel Webster" and "The Devil and Tom Walker."

Read the Common Lit article on McCarthyism and answer the accompanying questions.


Practice quiz on KAHOOT for Greek and Latin Week 8
 Read "The Devil and Daniel Webster" for Monday 9/16 and complete the journal work, which is also due 9/16. Greek and Latin Week 8 homework is due 9/16.
These are the class codes and key word for codes-------KEY is….crazycatlady

Class ID and class name

22057610----Period 2

22057614----Period 4

22057618----Period 5

22057622----Period 6

22057623----Period 7

22057626----Period 8

Hello and welcome!
The 2019-20 school year will be my twentieth year teaching at Westmont Hilltop High School.  In the past, I have taught Psychology, Sociology, American Government, Economics, SAT Prep, World Cultures, United States Cultures I &II, Speech, 7th grade Civics/ELA, and Historical Fiction.   My teaching schedule is listed below.
Period 1:  SGI Duty
Period 2: Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
Period 3:  Preparation
Period 4:  English 10
Period 5: Keystone Remediation
Period 6: English 10
Period 7: Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
Period 8: English 10
Post-Master's Principal Certification K-12, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2017
M.A., Employment and Labor Relations, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2013
M.Ed., Saint Francis University 2008
B.A., Secondary Education, University of the Pittsburgh at Johnstown 1998
B.A.,  Political Science and Sociology (double major), University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown 1993~ magna cum laude
Social Studies 7-12
English 7-12
Principal K-12
ESL Specialist (in progress)