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Westmont Hilltop School District

English Language Development

Welcome Back English Language Learners! Thank you for taking time to visit my webpage! I am looking forward to continuing to educate your child face-to-face and virtually.  I know this will be different for all of us, but we can work together to make this a positive experience!  Please continue to check back to my site and Google Classroom for updated information and changes.
Please note that I will be resuming zoom sessions and office hours and that I will be ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have about the activities or any other instructional concerns. Hope to see you all there soon!
In order to complete the activities, you will need to go to my Google Classroom.  There you will find detailed instructions and you will be able to access the materials needed.  If you need assistance accessing Google Classroom, I have some directions on my Resources page or you can click here to access directions.
  • Guidelines for Instructional Learning  
  • UPDATED - Instructional Learning (Distance Learning Nov. 23 - Dec. 11) (Blended (Hybrid) Learning Dec. 14 - Dec. 23)
Guidelines for instructional learning. 

Removal of Asynchronous Option

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 2nd, it will no longer be an option for students to participate in virtual learning “ASYNCHRONOUSLY” (watching the videos at a later time).  All virtual learners will be required to participate in the LIVE instruction.


Attendance Expectations

We have aligned attendance expectations for virtual learners with those for in-person learners.

ALL students who participate in virtual learning will be REQUIRED to log in to Google Classroom before 8:00am Monday through Thursday and 8:06 Friday for the Jr./Sr. High School and 8:50am for the Elementary School to be counted as PRESENT for the day.  If a student does not log into the first zoom class and participate LIVE, he/she will be marked absent for the day.  An excuse would need to be sent to the office within 3 days.  (Excuses for the elementary can also be emailed to the attendance secretary, Missy Pastorek, at  If a student missed the first class, but is able to participate in the live zooms for the rest of the day, he/she may be marked as “tardy.”

If students are not able to log in until after 10:30am, they will be marked as either, “late” or “half day.” An excuse would still need to be sent in to the office indicating the reason for the tardy/late/half day.  Keep in mind that participating in any amount of virtual learning LIVE is recommended over not participating at all.  Students who are absent or late/tardy will need to make up missed work.  Assignments and zoom recordings will be posted on Google Classroom.

UPDATED - Instructional Learning
The school district will transition to Distance Learning from Monday, November 23rd until Friday, December 11th.  During Distance Learning, we will have synchronous instruction via zoom.  Daily attendance will be taken and we will follow the "Red Phase" daily schedule.
Beginning on Monday, December 14, 2020, the school district will return to the Yellow / Hybrid Phase.
Monday, December 14:    A-Day Students*
Tuesday, December 15:     A-Day Students*
Wednesday, December 16:     Distance Learning*
Thursday, December 17:     B-Day Students*
Friday, December 18:     B-Day Students*
Monday, December 21:     A-Day Students*
Tuesday, December 22:     B-Day Students*
Wednesday, December 23:     Distance Learning*
*Note: Kindergarten, 1s Grade, 2nd Grade, MDS, LSS students may attend for in-person instruction.
Please email me at if you have any further questions.
Stay safe!
Mrs. Buchkovich