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Volunteer/Chaperone Clearance Policy and Procedures

Volunteers & Chaperones:

Effective July 1, 2015 – if you plan to volunteer in our school district in any capacity and don't have any clearances on file with the administration office, please submit the following ASAP (you will not be permitted to volunteer in the school without having clearances on file):

Read Westmont Hilltop School District Policy 916: School Volunteers.  

6004 Arrest & Conviction Report (see form below)

Criminal History Check (Act 34 Form) (free for volunteers)

Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151 Form) (free for volunteers)

FBI Fingerprint check (Act 114) is only necessary if you have lived in PA for less than 10 years or are a paid employee. Use service code 1KG6Y3 (for volunteers only). The fee for this is approx. $24

Mandated Reporter Training (Act 126)/Trafficking (Act 115)

Clearances must be renewed every 5 years and should be sent the WHSD District Office, Attention: Mary Hartnett, 222 Fair Oaks Drive., Johnstown, PA 15905 or by email [email protected]


Please keep a copy of your clearances for your records.


Parents will not need clearances as visitors to public events unless they are designated to have responsibility for students.


The Westmont Hilltop School District is grateful for the support of parent volunteers. We encourage all parents to become involved in the educational endeavors of their children. We wish to support your efforts in volunteerism and to encourage a continuing partnership with parents. As always, our first and most pressing concern is the health, safety, and welfare of your children while they are in our care.


The purpose of this page is to specify the processes that we will employ to ensure that all volunteers who are likely to have contact with students have clearances and to make the transition and acquisition process as easy as possible for parents who wish to volunteer in school-related activities.

The district office (814-255-8721) will assist any volunteer by providing directions regarding how clearances may be acquired in the most efficient manner. Failure to submit clearances in a timely fashion relative to the time required to obtain them will place an individual on an inactive list pending clearances. Each building administration will provide information for new parents and incoming kindergarten students to expedite the clearance process for them.