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Westmont Hilltop School District



(updated: 8/28/2020)
Chromebook Login (Grades 3-12):
The login procedure for Chromebooks has been updated.  Upon start up, the device will present a new login page (shown below) that enables login via Username/Password or via QR Code.  The Username is simply the prefix of the student's email address (abc##).  Once logged in, the district's ClassLink launchpad page should appear automatically and not require an additional login.  If your student wishes to use the QR Code option but does not have a QR Code, please contact his/her homeroom teacher to obtain one. The QR code is NOT required and this option is intended for the younger Elementary age students and those with special needs.
ClassLink (Grades K-12):
The ClassLink launchpad is accessible from any device that can obtain the app or any device with a browser.  The link here: can also be found under the Students dropdown menu on the district's homepage.  Upon login, most apps on ClassLink can be launched without the need to re-enter credentials. 
If login is necessary, students may use a Username/password or QR Code.  If your student does not have a QR Code, please contact his/her homeroom teacher to obtain one. 
Google Apps Login (Grades K-12):
The ClassLink launchpad is the preferred means of login to the Google Suite.  This method requires another login using the student's full email address and password.  The username/email and password is required initially for each app in the suite (Drive, Sheets, Slides, Classroom, etc.) for the initial login.  However, the student's credentials should be saved for subsequent logins. 
Zoom (Grades K-12):
The district's URL for Zoom is:
PLEASE NOTE: Students are now required to be a registered user and must sign in prior to joining a district Zoom session. This process can be completed by logging in and clicking the Confirm your email address button, which sends a message containing the verification link to the address listed.  Clicking the link in the message will verify the account. 
The preferred and easiest means of login to Zoom is via the ClassLink launchpad. However, students may login to the district sponsored Zoom account on any device with the app or browser.  If prompted for a company domain, enter whsd-org in the field.  Click the Sign In option on the login page and you will be taken to a white district login page to enter an email address followed by password.  
Screen shots are shown below: