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Gifted Education

Gifted/Enrichment Program Philosophy


The goal of the Westmont Hilltop High School gifted education program is to provide opportunities and enrichment for gifted students that have unique cognitive, social and emotional needs, preparing them to succeed in a complex, dynamic and evolving society.


The school district recognizes that students may be gifted or talented in one area or multiple areas, and that gifted students should be provided with a curriculum which fosters maximum academic and personal growth. This curriculum for gifted students is a responsibility shared by classroom teachers, administrators and parents. It is also understood that gifted students need choice throughout their high school careers and that gifted students must be active participants in and share responsibility for their own learning.


Enrichment takes many forms at the high school. Gifted students will be grouped together in many classes and will be given materials commensurate with their level of cognition. Leadership is also emphasized and our gifted students will be encouraged to take leadership positions both in and out of the classroom. As our gifted students advance through high school, opportunities will be available for them to earn college credit, either by taking AP classes and exams, participating in our concurrent enrollment program with various colleges, or by taking dual enrollment courses with various local universities. In addition, the gifted program will search out enrichment opportunities in locations other than the high school setting, such as museums, science centers, and the like.


Through the Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP), it is understood that each gifted student is unique and has unique demands and needs. It is necessary to state, however, that each gifted student must be willing to participate fully in this plan for it to be successful. Goal setting and reflection on the educational experience is paramount to this success. Parental support of these goals is also important. Through the GIEP team, which includes parents, classroom teachers and the gifted student, a plan will be crafted to make sure that the gifted student’s high school experience is as fulfilling and enriching as possible.