Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Westmont Hilltop Elementary School's Student Assistance Program is dedicated to the promotion of mental, physical, and social well-being among the faculty, students, and staff at the elementary school. Primary concerns are to enable students to improve their self-esteem, to provide students the knowledge that there are means of support for barriers to learning, and to emphasize wellness in our school.

We want our students to know there are people who care about them as individuals. Our SAP team strives to provide for many points of contact from all sources. We offer a consistent, caring attitude in response to the social and emotional concerns that children in Kindergarten through Grade 6 may encounter at school and/or at home. Communication with parents/guardians, SAP team members, and with the student, coupled with early intervention and an emphasis on the value of wellness, are the goals of our team. The many points of contact needed to achieve these goals require the interaction of everyone. Please view the "SAP Parent Slideshow" below for additional information about SAP.

WHES SAP Team Members

  • Ms. Deist, School Counselor
  • Mr. Brocious, School Counselor
  • Mrs. Edwards, AS Teacher 
  • Mr. Hutton, Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Kiser, Interventionist
  • Mrs. Kuzmiak, Principal
  • Mrs. MacIntyre, School Social Worker
  • Mrs. McCombie, School Psychologist
  • Mrs. Mourey, ES Teacher
  • Mrs. Rzasa, ES Teacher
  • Mrs. Stephens, School Nurse
  • Mr. Wilfong, Assistant Principal