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Westmont Hilltop School District

Principal's Message


Principal's Message

Hi My Westy Friends!


Mr. Wilfong and I want to let you know how proud we have been of all of our students, parents, teachers and staff.  The school year started a little differently this year; however, everyone has been so flexible and kind as we travel down this new road together.  Our students who are attending school are wearing their masks without big problems, they are patient as we log into zooms and help to trouble shoot any concerns that virtual learners may be having at home.  After only a few days of live zoom instruction occurring concurrently with classroom instruction, both teachers and students are pulling together to make instruction happen!


We were all a little nervous and scared to see what this school year would bring.  So far, the year has brought us compassion and resiliency.  It has helped us to believe in each other and to trust one another.  It has allowed teachers the opportunity to share their talents and to support one another as they learn new things and take risks.


We will continue to support whatever way your family decides to "go to school" this year.  We want everyone to feel comfortable in their chosen learning environment.  


We are so appreciative of how well everyone has worked together to help our students and staff change and adjust to how we are "doing school" this year.  


We'll do our best to answer all of your questions and to keep you updated with regard to any changes.   This situation is still new for us, too, so we might not have all of the answers to your questions, but we will always do our best to share with you as much as we know.  Your children are our children and we want the very best for them, academically, socially and healthfully.  




Mrs. Kuzmiak- WHES Principal

(814) 255-8728