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Westmont Hilltop School District

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Curriculum Alignment:

Elementary academics are centered on the PA Core and PA Academic Standards. Currently, teachers are constructing curriculum maps. During this development, the focus will remain on achieving a solid foundation in core skills (reading, mathematics, and writing) while also challenging students with 21st century skills (collaboration, problem solving, and creativity). This balance will be important as students work toward secondary success and lifelong learning. Equally important are the explorations of Science, Social Studies, Art, Computer, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics (STEAM). Below are documents containing the PA Core Standards for English Language Arts (ELA), PA Core Standards for Mathematics, as well as the PA Core Standards for Reading and Writing in Other Subjects. Additionally, the PA Early Childhood Education Standards for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade are listed below. All of these standards may be accessed by using the following link: .


Benchmark Literacy:

In grades K-6, most portions of the Benchmark Literacy program are being used as the core instructional outline for the reading portion of the ELA curricula.  This program focuses on both large and small group instruction as well as metacognition and comprehension skills. Additional information about this program may be located by using the following link:  


Collins Writing:

In grades K-12, Collins Writing strategies are being utilized to compliment writing across all content areas and facilitate narrative, argumentative/opinion, and informational genres of writing.


enVision Math 2.0:

Over the course of this school year, the enVision Math 2.0 Program is being fully implemented in grades K-6. This program features problem-based interactive math learning followed by visual learning strategies that deepen conceptual understanding by helping students make meaningful connections. Lessons consist of a three step process: 

Step 1: Problem Based Learning

Step 2: Visual Learning

Step 3: Assess and Differentiate


To utilize online resources of the enVision Math 2.0 Program, go to Additional information about this website was provided at the Meet the Teacher Night and will also be provided at the Parent Math Meetings. Feel free to contact your child's teacher if you need further assistance accessing this website. 


To obtain additional information about enVision, the following link provides an overview of the program, including a video, math content connections, and more:


Similarly, below are two documents containing an explanation of the components of the enVision Math 2.0 Program as well as a correlation guide between the program and the PA Core Math Standards. These documents are titled (1) enVision Math 2.0 Components of Program, and (2) enVision Math 2.0 Correlation with PA Standards.