General Music 8

2020-2021 School Year
2019-2020 School Year Activities: 
WEEK 8 (May 18th - May 25th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
Activity #1 - Normally during the last few weeks of class we would be talking about Music Videos and how important they were for music in the 80's and 90's.  On this page you will find 8 different videos from 80's, 90's, and 2000's that were very popular during their time.
Activity #2 - Pick any 3 videos of the 8 to watch.  If there are ones that you have seen before, try ones you have not seen.  
Activity #3 -  Once you watch all 3 videos, answer the questions on this Google Form -
WEEK 7 (May 11th - May 18th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 

Over the course of the last few months many people have turned to the arts for comfort.  We've seen everything from song parodies, to cartoons, to pieces of artwork helping us laugh and taking our mind off of things.  There have even been different contests to help spread good messages of social distancing and safety.   My Chemical Romance's upcoming performance at Riot Fest has a competition to "Sanitize" one of their albums.  Here is Emma Stonecypher's design -
Optional Activity - Feel free to vote for a design or just browse/participate if you like. 
This week's assignments will be a bit of a scavenger hunt. 
Enter all your findings in this google doc -
Assignment #1 - Find a music parody video you like that has something to do with Social Distancing/Quarantine/etc.  There are some really funny ones out there.  I really like the "Billie Jean Quarantine" video by The Holderness Family or the "Stayin Inside" Bee Gees cover of "Staying Alive".  Copy the URL to the Google Doc. 
Assignment #2 - Attach a URL of a comic or picture that has something to do with Social Distancing or Quarantine to the Google Doc. 
Assignment #3 -  Choose a song or album title and rename it to something quarantine/social distancing related. Example: "She was just Seventeen" by the Beatles - Parody: "She was home Quarantined" . List both the song and your original parody.  Post your answer to the Google Doc.  
WEEK 6 (May 4th - May 11th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
This week's activities include playing a short "Name that Tune" game.  Follow the directions below for more details.
Activity #1 - Open this page in another window - SUPER FUN SONG IDENTIFICATION GAME (COVERS EDITION) -

Activity #2 - Listen to the tracks to try and identify the song.  Each clip is about 15 seconds long.  The twist of this game is that all the of the songs are covers (Aka not by the original artist).  Most song are pop/rock/Disney songs from the past 30 years or so. 
Activity #3 - Open this Google form in another window and list as many songs as you can identify -  There will be PRIZE to the student/students who can identify the most.  When you are done, hit the submit button.  It's okay to leave some blank if you do not recognize them.   Good luck!  
For this week's activities we're going to listen to a few videos by the Beach Boys and The Beatles.  
Activity #1 - Head on over to my History of Rock and Roll Page #3 (link below or you can use the tab on my webpage).  
Scroll down the page about half way where you will see lot of Beach Boys videos followed by many Beatles Videos.  
Activity #2 - Choose 2 Beach Boys videos to listen to, followed by 2 Beatles videos to listen to.  (If you are already fans of either group, choose a song that you maybe aren't familiar with)
Activity #3 - Go to the following link to answer a few questions about the videos you listened to:
Activity #1 - Listen to the first 30 seconds of the song "Under Pressure" by Queen. 
Activity #2 - Listen to the first 30 seconds of the song "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. 
Activity #3 - Under Pressure was written by Queen and David Bowie in 1981.  Vanilla Ice "sampled" the same bass line in his 1989 hit Ice Ice Baby and was later sued by Queen because he did not ask permission to use the music.  He also stood by the fact that his song had one extra note in the bass line making it different than Queen's.  Vanilla Ice lost the case and had to pay Queen and David Bowie an undisclosed amount.
In the survey below answer the following 2 questions on your opinion on this matter: 
1.  Do you think that Queen/David Bowie were right to sue Vanilla Ice for copyright infringement?
2.  Do you think artists should be able to sample other artists at all?  

Answer these 2 question in the survey found here -  
This will be your weekly participation/activity grade.  
All of our activities this week will use the website
This website will play you popular songs from all over the world. 
Start by choosing a decade from the bottom of the website (Example: 1990s, 1920s, etc).  Click on 3 or more countries and listen to the various songs you hear from that decade. 
Repeat the same activity above but this time change the style on the top to "Weird" and "Fast".  
ENGAGING ACTIVITY #1 - The Marble Machine
Watch the video on the Wintergatan Marble Machine which is basically a large, self-propelled music box.  Enjoy how this impressive thing works!
Head to the website and type in an artist that you like to listen to.  After clicking on that artist note that below there is a long list of other bands/artists that have similar music styles.  Find a group you do not recognize and seek out one song by that group to listen to.  I've found a surprising amount of groups that I now listen to on a regular basis by trying this. 
Engaging Activity #3 - Continuing the History of Rock and Roll - The 1960's. 
Head over to the page tab "History of Rock and Roll 3" on my website.  Scroll down until you get to Chubby Checker and "The Twist".  Listen to the "The Twist", "Let's Twist Again" and "Slow Twist" to see how this artist in the 60's had so much fame off one dance craze.  
MARCH 30th - APRIL 5th Activities 
Take some time to explore the website  Be sure to try some music to art experiments like "Kandinsky" or "Oscillators".  Create a mini song in the "Song Creator" section. 
Engaging Activity #2 - THE MUSIC MATRIX
Visit this website and load the music matrix.  Click on different squares to create your own music.  Can you figure out what the difference is between clicking higher squares to lower?  How about squares on the left vs on the right?  How does that change the music?
In Music class before the break we were about to talk about Elvis Presley.  Listen to a few Elvis songs on this web page - and think about how some of this music sounds in relation to the other 1950's music we've listened to up to this point.  The Elvis videos are all at the very bottom.  Enjoy!
Assignments 1-7 utilize the Ipad apps Garage Band, Pages, IMovie, and Acapella.  
Assignment 1 - VOYAGER TIME CAPSULE - Complete the attached time capsule worksheet by using your Chromebook.  Open the document in Docs and follow the directions.  Make sure to include links from Youtube or pictures as it asks.  
Assignment 2 - Garage Band Smart Track Creation (Smart Percussion / Smart Piano / Smart Strings, Smart Guitar / Smart Bass)
Create an original garage band track using the "Smart" instruments.  Use a minimum of 3 of the Smart instruments.  
Assignment 3 - Garage Band Live Loops - Create an original garage band track using at least 4 live loops.  
Assignment 4 - IMovie Slide Show Creation - Create a slide show in IMovie using 5 or more pictures from your Voyager Time Capsule.  Once you insert the 5 pictures to IMovie, create an original track in garage band and insert it to Imovie using the following steps: 
1. Go to the area of Garage Band where you can view all your created tracks. 
2. Hit "Select" in the upper right corner and choose the file you wish to send to Imovie. 
3. Hit the Square with an arrow pointing up in the upper left hand corner and choose the option "Open in" (Do not hit Import with Imovie)
4.  Select "Song" from the next menu
5.  Select Share. 
6. After the song exports, select "Import with Imovie".  The song will transfer to Imovie.  Choose which video you'd like to insert it to. 
Assignment 5 - Movie Concert Trailer - In Imovie, create a trailer for an artist or group that has an upcoming concert (It does not have to be an actual concert location.  For example you could say Imagine Dragons are coming to the Johnstown War Memorial).  Find pictures online of your group or artist and use the "Trailer" option to create this video.  You may choose any genre of trailer you wish, just remember that some trailers require many more pictures than others.  Edit the text and add all the missing pictures to complete this assignment.  
Assignment 6 - Time Lapse Video with Garage Band Soundtrack - You will have several weeks to complete this starting at the beginning of the year.  Outside of class on your Ipads, record a time lapse video that is at least 15 minutes long (when you play it back it will be 20-30 seconds.  You can record any number of things that change over time.  Examples include:  a fixed camera shot looking at the sky, a sporting event or practice you attend, a drive home (provided you are a passenger), etc.  We will discuss more ideas in class.  Once you complete this video you will create a soundtrack to the time lapse in garage band and import everything into IMovie.  Use the steps listed from assignment 4 to help you.  
Assignment 7 - Acapella Assignment - Create an Acapella video using at least 3 different tracks.  You will use 3 different instruments to create this.  Examples and more directions will be shown in class.  
History of Rock and Roll Unit 1, Lesson 1: 
The Blues.  Complete the notes in the packet for this week.  Create your own blues to the "Worried Life Blues". 
History of Rock and Roll Unit 1, Lesson 2: 
    Read article "Do Artists Really Make Any Money from CDs?".  Classroom discussion, answer questions on the back of the article.