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2020-2021 School Year
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2019-2020 Activities 

Follow this link for your activities for the final week:
WEEK 8 (May 18th - May 25th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
Activity #1 - Marching Band Sign-ups are now available on the tab on right that says "Marching Band".  If you plan to sign up and haven't already done so, please click on the tab and fill out the google form.
Activity #2  - RHYTHM TEST!  The following website - gives you a chance to test your rhythm accuracy.  You will hear a 2 measure rhythm.  Then you need to use the notes given to write that rhythm out.  You can repeat the audio example as many times as you like.  Set the settings to Medium and 80 BPM (the default).  You will hear 4 clicks before the passage begins. Perform this activity until you get at least 3 correct.  If you are having troubles you may change the difficulty to "easy".  If you'd like more of a challenge, you can change it to "hard". 
Activity #3 - Once you've completed this activity, take a screen shot or a picture of your screen showing that you have completed at least 3 correctly.  Then add the picture to this google folder - with your name as the title of the picture.  An example is below. 
If you have still not completed the Pomp and Circumstance video found in the activities for Week 3 and would like to be included in the end of the year video, please complete this by Friday, May 22nd at the latest. 
WEEK 7 (May 11th - May 18th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 

Over the course of the last few months many people have turned to the arts for comfort.  We've seen everything from song parodies, to cartoons, to pieces of artwork helping us laugh and taking our mind off of things.  There have even been different contests to help spread good messages of social distancing and safety.   My Chemical Romance's upcoming performance at Riot Fest has a competition to "Sanitize" one of their albums.  Here is Emma Stonecypher's design -
Optional Activity - Feel free to vote for a design or just browse/participate if you like. 
This week's assignments will be a bit of a scavenger hunt. 
Enter all your findings in this google doc -
Assignment #1 - Find a music parody video you like that has something to do with Social Distancing/Quarantine/etc.  There are some really funny ones out there.  I really like the "Billie Jean Quarantine" video by The Holderness Family or the "Stayin Inside" Bee Gees cover of "Staying Alive".  Copy the URL to the Google Doc. 
Assignment #2 - Attach a URL of a comic or picture that has something to do with Social Distancing or Quarantine to the Google Doc. 
Assignment #3 -  Choose a song or album title and rename it to something quarantine/social distancing related. Example: "She was just Seventeen" by the Beatles - Parody: "She was home Quarantined" . List both the song and your original parody.  Post your answer to the Google Doc.  
WEEK 6 (May 4th - May 11th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
Activities this week deal with spotting posture mistakes by looking at pictures of people playing your instrument.  To make this a little more fun, I've designed these lessons around writing a ticket to fit the punishment of the bad posture.  You'll understand more once you read the directions below.  
Activity #1 - Open the word document and follow the directions on spotting bad posture from pictures of your instrument.  
Activity # 2 - You have three ways of completing this assignment: 
             1.  Type your answers into the word doc, save it, and email it to Mr. Brumbaugh at [email protected]
             2.  Just send Mr. Brumbaugh an email with your "Ticket" answering the 3 questions about your instrument. 
             3.  Submit your answers to this Google Form -
Activity #3 - PRACTICE YOUR INSTRUMENT!  It's getting rusty! 
This week's activities involve watching two short videos and answering the couple questions in the survey below. 
Activity #1 - Watch the 2 minute video of various conductors conducting the powerful ending to Mahler's 2nd Symphony.  Remember your favorite conductor and write it down for your survey later. 
Activity #2 -  Watch the following ridiculous video on musician stereotypes.  Which one do you think you most closely resemble?  Remember your answer for the survey below.  
Activity 3 - Click on the following survey and answer the 2 questions listed about the videos above.  
Activity #1 - Finish up Pomp and Circumstance if you did not. 
I wanted to give everyone one more week to finish the Pomp and Circumstance March recording if you did not finish last week.  Directions are below (week 3) on how to do this.  If you are having trouble opening anything please email me at [email protected] and I will assist.  If you do not have your instrument at home there is an alternate activity to submit evidence for this activity.    
Activity #2  - Clap along with the recording - Warmup. 
Below is a piece called "Clapping Music" by Steve Reich.  The entire piece is made up of one bar that keeps shifting against the starting bar.  For this activity, try to clap along the rhythm of the TOP measure for the first minute and 30 seconds of this piece.  The cursor follows along the entire time.  You can listen to it for the first measure or two until you get the the rhythm.  Everything is pretty simple until 0:40 when you have to stick to your tempo.  Good luck! 
Activity #3  - Clap along with the recording - Challenging. 
Using the same video from above, try to clap along to the BOTTOM measure for the first minute of this piece.  This measure begins shifting around 0:40.  Follow the cursor and try your best.  If you can make it to 1:00 you are quite rhythmically advanced.  
*Optional evidence submit - if you would like to take an audio/video recording of you attempting Activity 2 or 3 and upload it to SeeSaw (TTVG CLEH) or the google drive folder -, you are welcome to do so.  This is not a mandatory activity, just an optional one if you are impressed with your rhythmic abilities and want to share! 
Thank you to everyone who submitted videos last week!  Here are videos for the SH Concert Band, JH Concert Band and JH/SH Orchestra members who submitted for Great Locomotive Chase, As Winds Dance and All Star.  Engaging Activity #1 - Check it out!
Engaging Activity #2 -
This week we have been asked by administration to make a virtual video of the graduation march "Pomp and Circumstance" which will possibly be used if we have a virtual graduation.  All of this is still up in the air but we are preparing for anything at this point.  Seniors:  You are encouraged to submit a video as well, becoming the first seniors to ever provide your own instrumental music for graduation.   Please take your time and play your best for this as it may be posted for a lot of people to see.  To make it easier on you, I've included a playing track to play along with.  Please keep the recording in your earphones just like you did with the metronomes last week and play along with the recording.  If you find yourself ahead or behind, stop the recording and try again to make sure you are right in time.   
Below is a PDF of all the parts.  Below that you will find MP3s of all the parts.  Choose your part and record along to it.  You will hear a count-off in the recording (1, 2, 1-2-3, go) and then begin playing.
Engaging Activity #3: 
After recording your part, submit it to this google doc folder -
If you feel comfortable please submit with a video or at least a picture of yourself.  The final product looks a lot better if we have videos instead of just black screens.  
Thanks everyone!  
ALTERNATE ASSIGNMENT - if you do not have access to your instrument or the ability to record, please fill out this quick survey instead.  You do not have to do this if you have submitted a recording -
                                       Mr. Brumbaugh's email - [email protected] 

This week's activities are going to be 4 mini activities that will add up to one big activity.  We are going to try and recreate a piece of music by taking a part of your ensemble music and having you record it along with a metronome. 
You will need the following to complete this: 
1.  Your instrument
2.  A metronome 
3.  Headphones
4.  Your music (if you don't have the piece don't worry, I've attached copies of the parts below).  
5.  A phone/Ipad/computer or something to record video/audio on that can then be emailed to me.  
It sounds complicated but once you actually are set up to do this it should not take you long at all.  
Engaging Activity #1 - Download a metronome if you do not have one.  (THIS IS ESSENTIAL)
I recommend "Pro Metronome" as it's free and easy to use.  If you have GarageBand on your Ipad or phone you already have a metronome.  
Engaging Activity #2 - Tune
Make sure your instrument is relatively in tune (this mostly applies to string players but it's probably worth checking out for all of you so when we make this video it will sound decent).  You can download "Tuner Lite" if you do not have a tuner.  I know many of your already have this tuner as we've used them in class. 
Engaging Activity #3 - Record the following selection:
Record yourself playing "THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE" beginning at measure 53 and end on the downbeat of measure 69 (17 total measures).  Scanned copies of the parts are below if you do not have your music.  You may record this as a video or an audio clip (video would be cooler for the finished product but I'll understand if you do not feel comfortable sharing a video).  Put your metronome on 140BPM.  When you record, use your headphones to hear your metronome so that we do not hear it in your recording.  Count yourself off audibly "1 - , 2 - , 1,2,3 (rest)" and then begin playing.  It is IMPERATIVE that you stay with the metronome.  When you finish, move on to the directions in Engaging Activity #4. 
***Percussion - If you have sticks at home, perform this the best you can on a pad or surface.  For all other perc instruments have fun and good luck! 
Engaging Activity #4 - Share
Once you are finished, share recording in the following shared folder:
Choose the SH Concert Band Folder. 
Once I have the videos, I will edit them together and release the final product on the webpage! 
Mr. Brumbaugh - [email protected] 
MARCH 30th - APRIL 5th Activities 
Engaging Activity #1 - FINISH MARCH MARCH MADNESS!
Finish your March March Madness Bracket that we started in class by listening to the following Marches and choose your favorite.  Vote for your winner on the Surveymonkey poll - 
Here are the 4 marches I've narrowed it down to: 
1. Midway March - John Williams
2.  Thunder and Blazes (Entry of the Gladiators) - Julius Fucik 
3.  Right-Left March - John Philip Sousa 
4. The Purple Pageant - Karl King
Engaging Activity #2 - SEESAW PRACTICING! 
Take a short video or a picture of you practicing your instrument in an unusual part of your home - have fun!  Create a Seesaw account on your phone or device (it's free).  This app is a very simple way to share practice videos or pictures - many other Westmont teachers use it as well. The one you want to download is called Seesaw: The Living Journal.  Once you download it, select that you are a student and enter this code: TTVG CLEH.  Include the space when you enter it.  You will have until next Friday, April 3rd to join.  This code will permanently enter you in the class (you only have to do this once).  If you are unable to get this to work you can just send the short video or picture to my email - [email protected].   If you do not have your instrument at home, find a fun instrument that exists in your house (even if it's a toy) and try the same thing. 
Engaging Activity #3 - BUILD YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT!
Whether you have your instrument at home or not I'd like to try a fun experiment where you build your own instrument out of just the things you have at home and play a simple song on it (Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb, something simple with only a few notes).  Great things to use for this might include rubber bands, bottles, strung together silverware or kitchen pots/pans, etc.  Please do not spend any money to do this and be sure to get your parent's permission before you start destroying household items.  By all means - have fun.  If you would like to share your results send a short video to the Seesaw or my email. 
For a future activity we may try to make a fun video in Acapella.  Some of you may have seen the video my brass quintet put together last week using something similar (I've posted it below).  These parts were all recorded separately and then edited together.  We may do something like this with a small part of our concert/jazz band music if we can get everyone their instruments in the near future.