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Westmont Hilltop Alumni Concert Band

Welcome to the 2023 Westmont Hilltop
Alumni Concert Band page!
    Thank you again for agreeing to be a part of the 2023 Westmont Hilltop Alumni Concert Band Concert.  There are now currently 42 Alumni signed up to play!  Members of our current SH Band will also be performing with us.  The alumni group is surprisingly well balanced with 7 flutes, 4 clarinets, 4 altos, 2 tenors, 8 trumpets, 1 bass clarinet,  5 trombones, 2 baritones, 2 tubas, 1 electric bass, and 6 percussion.
 Here are a few more details about Wednesday, November 22nd: 
  • REHEARSAL - Rehearsal will be from 1:00pm - 3:00pm that day (probably won't take all 2 hours but we'll see how things go).  School is out at 12:45 that day - you can get in the building any time after 12:30pm.  I know a few of you will be a little late getting there coming from other school districts so we'll probably get organized with instruments in the first 15 mins or so and start rehearsing around 1:15.
  • INSTRUMENTS - I have instruments ready to go for all of you who said in the google doc that you needed one.  Everyone will have a folder on their stand with the music printed out when you arrive. 
  • PERCUSSION - I'm almost done with a perc assignment sheet for you and will email that out probably by tomorrow.  I've talked to most of you about what you are comfortable playing and won't put you on anything you're not comfortable with.  There are 6 alumni percussionists and 2 current members so we'll spread the wealth and give everyone a chance to play a variety of instruments. 
  • ATTIRE -  For the concert we're going to encourage wearing all black or black and red.  My students are going to wear all black with a solid red tie (like the ones we wore for competitive jazz band if you were involved with that). 
  • CONCERT - The concert begins at 7:00pm.  Report time will be 6:30pm.  We are recording the concert as well as looking into live streaming it.  
  • RECEPTION - The reception after will be at The Crow's Nest (510 Tire Hill Road, Johnstown 15905)  Pizza, Chicken strips, and veggie trays will be provided.  Hope you're all able to join us!
All music on the concert has been scanned below.  Recordings are also available below.  
If you are interested in performing in the concert, please fill out this Google Form:
Feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected]
Our current concert band will also perform with the alumni on this concert so don't worry - they'll be safety in numbers!  Following the concert we plan to have a reception - location TBA.  
Star Spangled Banner
Westmont Alma Mater
Blue Ridge Saga
When the Spring Rain Begins to Fall
MARCHING BAND MEDLEY: Passacaglia, Dr. Worm, and Westmont Fight Song
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Into the West
PDF Files of All the Music: 
(I'll have everything printed for you the day of - this is just so you can take a look at everything)