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Westmont Hilltop School District

AP Music Theory

2020-2021 School Year
 2019-2020 School year activities:

Follow this link for your activities for the final week:
WEEK 8 (May 18th - May 25th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
Activity #1 - The Covid Fugue.  Take a listen to at least 3 minutes of the video below to see how the composer creatively broke down the phrase "Covid 19" into musical terms. 
Activity #2 - Answer the following questions about this video: 
1.  The first 4 notes of the covid fugue make up what kind of a triad?  Use the text in the video to help. 
2.  The V-I part of the fugue makes up which two notes?
3.  What did the composer do to the last note of the melody (the 9) instead of just making it a normal 9th?
Activity #3 - Send the answers to your questions to Mr. Brumbaugh at
WEEK 7 (May 11th - May 18th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
This week's activities include playing a short "Name that Tune" game.  Follow the directions below for more details.
Activity #1 - Open this page in another window - SUPER FUN SONG IDENTIFICATION GAME (COVERS EDITION) -

Activity #2 - Listen to the tracks to try and identify the song.  Each clip is about 15 seconds long.  The twist of this game is that all the of the songs are covers (Aka not by the original artist).  Most song are pop/rock/Disney songs from the past 30 years or so. 
Activity #3 - Open this Google form in another window and list as many songs as you can identify -  There will be PRIZE to the student/students who can identify the most.  When you are done, hit the submit button.  It's okay to leave some blank if you do not recognize them.   Good luck!  
WEEK 6 (May 4th - May 11th) ENGAGING ACTIVITIES: 
One of the things I miss most about Theory Class is listening to your "Sick Beat Friday" compositions.  I thought this week I would give you a prompt to write a new sick beat Friday as I'm sure your creative brain cells have been hankering for some composing.  If you do not have your Ipad at home or Garage Band on your phone I have an alternate assignment below: 
Activity #1 -  Open up Garage Band on your IPad or phone.  
Activity #2 - Write a sick beat Friday.  Your theme is "Isolation Opus".  Write something that you could listen to over and over if you were stuck on a desert island, or even if you are stuck home for quarantine.  If Chinese Live Loops are your thing - center your composition around that. If you just can't get enough of the Jazz Guitar Auto Plays, then write your piece around that.  Make sure it's at least 16 bars long.  (You can add more bars by clicking on the + sign in the upper right hand corner.  
Activity #3 - When you're finished - share your song.  Send it to "Email" as a "Song" and email it to  
Don't forget to give your piece a title! 
*****Alternate assignment if you do not have Garage Band - Head over to the General Music 9 Tab and complete the Week 6 assignment found there for your assignment.
Engaging Activity #1 - Watch the quick video I've recorded on our new music theory concept -  Alberti Bass.
Engaging Activity #2 - Analyze the following selection using roman numbers.  Each measure has a new chord every 2 beats (2 total per measure).  The first two were done for you in the video.  
Engaging Activity #3 - Email your finished project to Mr. Brumbaugh (  You can either type your Roman Numerals into the email or attach a copy of your completed sheet.  
Have fun!
Activity #1 - Music Theory Chord Qualities
Head on over to and click on "Exercises".  Scroll to the bottom and click on Chord Ear Training.  Set the settings to Major, Minor, Diminished, and Augmented chords only before you begin. 
Activity #2 - Identifying
Listen to 25 of the chord types achieving at least an 85% on the website.   If you need to do more than 25 to reach an 85% you may. Helpful reminders - Major chords have an optimistic/bright sound.  Minor chords have a darker or sadder sound.  Diminished chords feel like a minor chord with a little more dissonance.  Augmented chords have the most dissonance to them - having almost an "ouch that hurts" quality to hearing them. 
Activity #3 - Identifying - Evidence
Once you have achieved an 85%, take a picture or a screen shot and email it to  Good luck!
All of our activities this week will use the website
This website will play you popular songs from all over the world. 
Start by choosing a decade from the bottom of the website (Example: 1990s, 1920s, etc).  Click on 3 or more countries and listen to the various songs you hear from that decade. 
Repeat the same activity above but this time change the style on the top to "Weird" and "Fast".  
Repeat the same activity above but this time change the style on the top to "Slow" and "Weird". 
When you complete the above activities, send Mr. Brumbaugh an email with the favorite piece of music you discovered  -  You can also use this google survey to enter your song: 
Mr. Brumbaugh's email - 
Engaging Activity #1 - ANALYZE YOUR HEARTS OUT!  
Take a look at the following chord sequence.  Using what we've learned try to identify the following on your own:
1.  Where is the secondary dominant and how would you write it?
2.  What type of cadence does this piece end with?
3.  Would the harmony in this piece be considered functional or nonfunctional?  
Engaging Activity #2 - KEEP THE TEMPO

On this website -, click along with the beat as it plays (either with a space bar on a computer or by tapping your screen on a phone/device).   Eventually the beat will go away for about 10 seconds.  Continue feeling the rhythm internally and try to stay consistent with the tempo. At the end it will give you a score on how well you were able to stay with the beat.  Anything about 700 is a decent score.  Try the exercise until you score at least a 720.  The highest I've seen a student get on this is a 885 out of 1000 -  (Challenge accepted)! 
Take some time to explore the website  Be sure to try some music to art experiments like "Kandinsky" or "Oscillators".  Create a mini song in the "Song Creator" section. 
MARCH 30th - APRIL 5th Activities 
Engaging Activity #1SPIN THE VOCAB WHEEL! 
AP Theory - Spin the wheel below of vocab words that we have learned until you can define 4 correct in a row.  Keep spinning until you do!  (No Cheating!) 
Engaging Activity #2 - 4 CHORD SONG!
Watch the following music theory video on Four Chord Loops.  After watching, create a short sick beat in Garage Band using a 4 chord loop.  
Engaging Activity #3 - SONG LISTENING ACTIVITY 
Turn on the radio or put one of your devices on shuffle and listen to about 4 to 5 songs in a row.  As you listen to these songs see if you can identify three things about each song: 
1. Is it in a major or minor key 
2. What time signature is it in (Mostly likely 4/4, 6/8 or 3/4)
3. Can you identify the genre of the music just from listening (Rock, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Jazz, World, Electronica, etc)
Circle of Life - Circle of Fifths Video