JH Concert Band

2024 Spring Concert Selections: 
2021 Spring Music options: 
Highlights from Star Wars:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp1thBMqxmc
Winter Concert Music: 
2019 - 2020 School activities
OPTIONAL Activity #1 - Finish up Pomp and Circumstance if you did not. 
I wanted to give everyone one more week to finish the Pomp and Circumstance March recording if you did not finish last week.  Directions are below (week 3) on how to do this.  If you are having trouble opening anything please email me at [email protected] and I will assist.  If you do not have your instrument at home there is an alternate activity to submit evidence for this activity.    
OPTIONAL Activity #2  - Clap along with the recording - Warmup. 
Below is a piece called "Clapping Music" by Steve Reich.  The entire piece is made up of one bar that keeps shifting against the starting bar.  For this activity, try to clap along the rhythm of the TOP measure for the first minute and 30 seconds of this piece.  The cursor follows along the entire time.  You can listen to it for the first measure or two until you get the the rhythm.  Everything is pretty simple until 0:40 when you have to stick to your tempo.  Good luck! 
OPTIONAL Activity #3  - Clap along with the recording - Challenging. 
Using the same video from above, try to clap along to the BOTTOM measure for the first minute of this piece.  This measure begins shifting around 0:40.  Follow the cursor and try your best.  If you can make it to 1:00 you are quite rhythmically advanced.  
*Optional evidence submit - if you would like to take an audio/video recording of you attempting Activity 2 or 3 and upload it to SeeSaw (TTVG CLEH) or the google drive folder - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_Wl118p9NInHbhLJy7fJ_t6RKfJ8eHQ9?usp=sharing, you are welcome to do so.  This is not a mandatory activity, just an optional one if you are impressed with your rhythmic abilities and want to share! 
Please head to the link below and follow the instructions for recording the graduation march (this may be used for a virtual graduation this year).   

This week's activities are going to be 4 mini activities that will add up to one big activity.  We are going to try and recreate a piece of music by taking a part of your ensemble music and having you record it along with a metronome. 
You will need the following to complete this: 
1.  Your instrument
2.  A metronome 
3.  Headphones
4.  Your music (if you don't have the piece don't worry, I've attached copies of the parts below).  
5.  A phone/Ipad/computer or something to record video/audio on that can then be emailed to me.  
It sounds complicated but once you actually are set up to do this it should not take you long at all.  
Engaging Activity #1 - Download a metronome if you do not have one.  (THIS IS ESSENTIAL)
I recommend "Pro Metronome" as it's free and easy to use.  If you have GarageBand on your Ipad or phone you already have a metronome.  
Engaging Activity #2 - Tune
Make sure your instrument is relatively in tune (this mostly applies to string players but it's probably worth checking out for all of you so when we make this video it will sound decent).  You can download "Tuner Lite" if you do not have a tuner.  I know many of your already have this tuner as we've used them in class. 
Engaging Activity #3 - Record the following selection:
Record yourself playing "AS WINDS DANCE" beginning at measure 9 and end on the downbeat of measure 24.  Scanned copies of the parts are below if you do not have your music.  You may record this as a video or an audio clip (video would be cooler for the finished product but I'll understand if you do not feel comfortable sharing a video).  Put your metronome on 132BPM.  When you record, use your headphones to hear your metronome so that we do not hear it in your recording.  Count yourself off audibly "1 - , 2 - , 1,2,3 (rest)" and then begin playing.  It is IMPERATIVE that you stay with the metronome.  When you finish, move on to the directions in Engaging Activity #4. 
***Percussion - If you have sticks at home, perform this the best you can on a pad or surface.  For all other perc instruments have fun and good luck! 
Engaging Activity #4 - Share
Once you are finished, share recording in the following shared folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_Wl118p9NInHbhLJy7fJ_t6RKfJ8eHQ9?usp=sharing
Choose the JH Concert Band Folder. 
Once I have the videos, I will edit them together and release the final product on the webpage! 
Mr. Brumbaugh's email - [email protected] 
MARCH 30th - APRIL 5th Activities 
If you do have your instrument and music at home, play through the following pieces with the recording below.  If you do not have your instrument or music, find your part on the sheet music included with the videos and perform the fingerings/slide positions as the music goes by. 
As Winds Dance - 
Joy -  


Engaging Activity #2 - KEEP THE TEMPO

On this website - https://www.concerthotels.com/got-rhythm, click along with the beat as it plays (either with a space bar on a computer or by tapping your screen on a phone/device).   Eventually the beat will go away for about 10 seconds.  Continue feeling the rhythm internally and try to stay consistent with the tempo. At the end it will give you a score on how well you were able to stay with the beat.  Anything about 700 is a decent score.  Try the exercise until you score at least a 720.  The highest I've seen a student get on this is a 885 out of 1000 -  (Challenge accepted)! 
Engaging Activity #3 - VIRTUAL ENSEMBLES 
Watch this video of a virtual trumpet ensemble assembled by a teacher from San Diego.  Once everyone has their instruments we may try to do something similar to this playing along to a click track.